Wild Rosebuds | Review of the Wishbone FlipOk guys, I will admit, we received our Wishbone Flip for Poppy’s birthday back in June. But, with Poppy being so petite, it didn’t fit her yet so we waited until it fit to do a review. Until now….

It has now been a good month of her using the WishBone Flip and it is getting A TON of use. Aubrey, at an inch shy of 4 feet even has fun on it, scooting around the house. But before I talk about what the kids think of it, I should probably let you know some details about the ride-on toy itself.

So what makes the Wishbone Flip so cool? I first saw it at my friend Amy’s house where she uses it with her boys. I loved the simple design and that fact that it was made out of wood. But, what sold me the most, was how it can be used for many things and customized as well. Even though we have a mid size home, we aren’t a fan of clutter and when it comes to pieces that would be considered an investment, we want to make sure not only that they will last through more than one child but that they can have multiple duties. The Flip falls into that.

Wild Rosebuds | Review of the Wishbone Flip in white

It is called a flip because it can quickly be turned from a ride on toy to a rocker with an easy twist and flip. So, while Poppy grew, we kept it as a rocker so that she could still utilize it. As a rocker, it is also lower to the ground, causing her to be able to fit on it sooner.

Now thats she is tall enough, we have it set to the ride on side so that both her and Aubrey can get from point A to B with a bit more fun than walking.

We love that multi use factor, as well as the fact that the wheels are easy enough on our painted white floors to not scratch or leave marks. If your little is really small, you can get the Mini version of the flip which can be customized from seat color to wheels, perfect to match your home decor or nursery theme.

Wild Rosebuds | Review of the Wishbone Flip ride on wooden bike for toddlers

What do the kids think? They LOVE it, and actually fight over turns daily. It is light weight for Poppy’s little legs to push, but built well enough to withstand what Aubrey does to it.

What are the cons? One con that has to be mentioned is that the bolts loosen often. They give you an allen key when you purchase the Flip and I recommend keeping it in a safe place as we have to tighten the bolts at least once a month. I will also state that even though the Flip is marketed as a walker as well, it is very fast and unsteady. If you have a baby who isn’t walking yet, I would recommend going with the Mini flip which has wheels that don’t turn.

So far though, the Flip is worth every penny and we actually are in love with their newest addition, the wagon. It may just end up being a last minute gift under the tree 😉