Wild Rosebuds Review of the Clek Oobr High back Booster seat

My big boy at 4-years-old is almost 4 feet and 43 lbs. To give him a special milestone to look forward to when he turned 4, we gifted him with a big boy seat to match, the Clek oobr high back booster. He was so excited to finally be able to use the car seat belt and be considered a big kid.

Now, 3 weeks later, I feel like we have had a good handle on what we like about the booster, what we don’t, and how cool that Crypton fabric that clek uses really is. So, I summed all my opinions up on a video for you. Competitively priced against other higher end booster seats, the safety spec of this one puts it in the lead for the best booster on the market. Add in the fact that it’s a Canadian company and made in North America, it makes you feel good about supporting a “local” company.

So, head to the video below to finds out my opinion as a real mom trying it out with a busy 4-year-old. Remember, a 5 point harness in a car seat is always safest, so only switch to a booster once your child meets all of the height, weight and age requirements of your area.