Wild Rosebuds: My Microblading Experience

So I did it! I finally got my brows microbladed or the fancy name, 3D Eyebrow Embroidery. I had been planning this since back in November, and if you follow my Instastories, you would have seen the build up. Well, Wednesday was the day that I went into Vibe Medi Spa.

I have always hated my brows. My mother never let me tweeze them, being afraid of the horrid 90’s over tweezed brow. So, I would go to the spa and have them waxed or threaded and tinted so that they would actually show up on my face. But, having that done was always an expense and took up time in my busy schedule. So, once I became a mom, I opted for just coloring them in with a powder made by Benefit. I found that the powder never gave that perfect shape like us girls longed for, and they still fell flat when it came time to having the brows frame my face. Not being one for makeup, I was afraid of a brow pencil, so I didn’t really think I had many options.

Wild Rosebuds: My experience with MicrobladingWild Rosebuds: My experience with Microblading

                        ^^My Before ^^

But with the new trend of microblading taking hold of the brow world, I started to research and got pumped for something that would fix my problem. If you are unfamiliar with microblading, it’s when a trained esthetician takes a special blade, usually curved and makes tiny slits to your brows with a pigment, similar to tattoo ink. These small cuts resemble that of hairs and cause your brows to look fuller and darker. Those cuts eventually heal and the pigment shows through. Think of it as a semi-permanent tattoo but using a blade, instead of a needle. The pigment lasts under your skin for 1-3 years.

I went in a bit nervous. We had had a consultation a month before, to go over the process, but I had heard many things on the painful aspect. Kerri was so easy to talk to and made me forget about what I had heard. She started by drawing on the shape as an outline, working with my natural brow shape. Then, once I agreed to the shape, which was right away, she started making permanent dots on that outline so that it would act as a guide for when she started the procedure. Next, Kerri applied the numbing cream to my brows to help with the initial pain. I sat and relaxed for 30 mins while the numbing worked its magic.

Wild Rosebuds: My experience with Microblading^^Numbing Cream^^
Wild Rosebuds: My experience with Microblading

^^Letting the pigment set in^^

It was now time for the actual microblading. She began to make the small hair like cuts, and I didn’t feel a thing (THANK YOU NUMBING CREAM) but I did hear the blade against my hair and skin which was a sound that closely resembled the sound of velcro. I got used to the sound just as the numbing cream started to wear off. And by the third pass on each brow, it started to become uncomfortable and created some tearing in my eyes. If I had to put the end of the treatment when the numbing had worn off onto a pain scale, I would say that its hurts more than waxing but less than a tattoo and 100% worth it. She cleaned up the ink, gave me my aftercare directions and then sent me on my merry way with my newly shaped and perfectly quaffed brows.

Now comes the healing part. For the first two days, I rocked clear saran wrap like band-aids called Tegaderm. It helps speed up the healing process and stop scabbing or infection. I also have been applying Aquaphor, which is like a cross between vaseline and Polysporin to help them heal. They are darker right now then they will be once they are healed, but I am LOVING the shape.

Wild Rosebuds: My experience with MicrobladingWild Rosebuds: My experience with MicrobladingWild Rosebuds: My experience with Microblading^^After^^

In 4 weeks, I will return for a touch-up. Because our bodies heal cuts so well, they sometimes even heal away the pigment in the cut. 4 weeks after the initial treatment you could have as much as 50% of the hair like cuts disappear. This second appointment makes sure that they still are as full as the initial. But don’t worry, I will keep you informed.

Vibe Medi Spa has given me a present for all you local readers! If you would like 10% off discount on your first medical service visit to Vibe, like getting your brows microbladed, then leave your email in the comments below and I will send you my code! It seriously is worth it!

P.S, My camera of course, wouldn’t work while I was there so all photos and video were shot on the Samsung S7 Edge.