Wild Rosebuds | An Initial Review of the Endy MattressAfter years of debating upgrading our mattress from a queen to a king, we teamed up with Endy to finally make the move. With a husband who is 6 foot 6inches and 280lbs, we needed the extra space, and until we actually started using the mattress, I don’t think we knew how badly we needed it.

So, I guess the question you are wondering is, why did we go with an Endy Mattress?

Wild Rosebuds | A review on Endy Pillows Wild Rosebuds | A review The Endy Mattress with Two kids

Well, living in a century home has so many pluses, great original character, original layouts, etc. But, they also come with one small, or a guess in this situation, LARGE issue, Our stairwell is the smallest thing ever. Even thinking about getting a King size mattress up it made us nauseous. We would literally have to take the railings off. It wasn’t an option.

With the dawn of this whole bed in a box movement, it solved that problem for us. Instead, we had ease of walking the box straight up the stairs and straight into our bedroom. but, I won’t lie when I say with my neck issues and Rob’s joint issues, we were interested to see the quality of the mattress once it was unrolled.

Wild Rosebuds | A review on the king size Endy Mattress Wild Rosebuds | A review The Endy Mattress after Two Nights Sleep

Another reason we went with Endy was because it is a Canadian company and you all know we love to support this great country of ours, but we also liked the Endy Matress Company for the fact that they really listen to their customers and now offer a 6 month financing option so that as a young family, you don’t have to worry so much when you know your kids need a new bed. they also offer and 100 night return policy, allowing you to sleep in the bed for up to 100 nights before you decide that it is the right bed for you.

Want to know how we feel about the actual sleep on the mattress thus far? Head to the YouTube Channel to watch my full review