Wild Rosebuds | Our Very First Friday 10 Things PostI am so excited to launch this new series on the blog. After reading so many of my favorite bloggers like The Blondielocks and Cupcakes and Cashmere doing these weekly roundups, I felt inspired. And, after my new favorite Instastories Polls, it sounds like you all are for these as well.

What you will see from this post each Friday is a list of favorite things I have stumbled upon that week be it songs, articles, Instagram accounts etc. I will also share the highs and lows that may not have made it to the blog or Instagram that week.

Next week, this will turn into 10 things and have a his and her portion to it with Rob coming in for the first time on the blog and sharing his 5 things from the week.

So….here it goes:

My Friday 5 Things

  1. Today was hard, as I found out two out of my 3 blog posts this week have disappeared from the blog. One of which took me about 7 hours in total to write, edit, link, etc. Let’s classify this as the low for this week and send good vibes that we can somehow find them! UPDATE! THEY HAVE BEEN RECOVERED!Wild Rosebuds | New Darlings are my fave instagram account
  2. I fell in love with the bloggers from New Darlings a few weeks ago and had to share them with you on here. You may remember seeing them in my post about getting Bangs, but make sure you take a look at their account. its refreshing to see an Instagram account that isn’t whitewashed with filters and actually shows color in their life.Wild Rosebuds | Friday 5 Things | Halloween Costumes for Under 4 year olds Wild Rosebuds | Friday 5 Things | Halloween Costumes for Toddlers
  3. I HATE HALLOWEEN! so much so that I didn’t even document it when we were trick or treating. the act of spending $100s of dollars on a costume you wear once and junk food rubs me the wrong way. All I can say is BRING ON CHRISTMAS!
  4. I just finished listening to Christine of Amidst The Chaos on a podcast covering everything from how to make money blogging and how the blogger world needs to get over themselves and stop being jealous of each other. Listen to it HERE. It is a must!



“Her success Is Not My Failure” -ChristineWild Rosebuds | Friday 5 Things | holiday decor with Minted5. I put in an exciting order in collaboration with Minted this week to decorate our dining room and fireplace mantle. We love the subdue decor and I am working on showing you how to decorate without all the tacky Santas etc. Stay tuned for that mid this month.

Let The Holidays Begin!