Growing up in an old school family who were always very close meant a lot. Holidays were a big thing to us and my Parents made sure we stuck to holiday traditions year after year. Because of those traditions, not only was the holiday season more organized to fit it in, but I felt like my mom became less stressed because she knew what to expect from them and enjoyed doing them. Now that I am older, I see that those traditions were probably a big reason why my family are so close. They brought us together. Even with the age gaps between my sisters and I, we became more like best friends than sisters. And the same went for our cousins.

Now that I have my own family, Rob and I want our kids to have that same bond, not only with each other but with my sisters and their children. We know that happens by creating traditions with them. Some traditions have been passed down from my childhood and some from Rob’s. Some we have created just for us. But as the holiday season is here and we are frantically working to fit everything in, just like it did with my mom, a sense of calm comes over me, knowing what tradition is next and being able to truly enjoy it. Aubrey at 4 is starting to remember these things, “because we always do them, Right mommy?” and that just makes my heart so happy.

Among the passed down traditions, is heading to ‘Christmas In The Country’ at Ross Farm museum. They deck the old farm up with decor like they would have in the early 1900’s and even have an old fashioned Father Christmas walking around to visit the kids (though we couldn’t find him). We had gone when my sisters and I were little, but that was when Decembers were snowy and the horses pulled a sleigh ride with hot cocoa. This time, it was wet and brown, but still just as magical.

Getting to see the excitement of each tradition in your child’s eyes is probably the best feeling in the world and worth every stressful, organized minute to fit everything in and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What is your favourite family tradition?