Wild Rosebuds | Facebook Live: My skincare routineAnother Facebook Live is on the books! If you missed it, you can catch it HERE. This week the live was telling you all about my skincare routine both day and night with some interesting tools and products that I have recently discovered. Of course, a video is always great, but links are always better. In this post, I will summarize what I chatted about on the live, why its great, and link on where to buy it.

Face Wash

So we should probably start at the beginning, the face wash. I am that lazy girl who likes to have one facewash in the shower and one on the counter. That means I use two different ones but love them both. For days between showers, I wash with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I was kind of shocked about the product, but it removes makeup like a pro and leaves your skin so soft. On nights when I shower, I’ve been using Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, which leaves the feeling of clean, but not tight and dried out.


Ok so I love my homemade toner of water and Apple Cider (find out more here), but After Amala sent over their skincare line, I have been really liking the feel and smell of their Rejuvenating Toner. It doesn’t sting the skin and the light almond smell is really pleasing.


I am totally into K beauty, or Korean Beauty. This is where you layer many amazing products together in a specific order to maximise benefits to your skin. I’ve been using Amala Rejuvenate advanced firming concentrate to help with my fine lines.

Face Oils

Nothing beats face oils! I have been obsessed with them since Kiehls introduced me. I have been layering Amala’s Rejuvenating oil with their Hydrating oil. Two drops of each in the palm of my hands is the best thing ever!


I finish off my whole routine with an amazing moisturizer. Right now, with the cold weather here, I am using the amala Hydrating face cream which has been helping tons with correcting my dry spots.


OK guys!! game changer! The Tinkle can be bought on Amazon and you literally shave your face/dead skin off your face. this allows your skin to absorb your products better and your makeup sit better.

Micro Needling

You may have heard of the famous Kardashian Vampire Facial. It pierces tiny needle holes in your skin to promote so many good things to happen to your skin and turning the clock back. Well, now you can do it at home. This one is for less than $15 and I have been using it after I wash my face before bed for the last week. I have already noticed a difference!

Lash Serum

With short lashes damaged by years of lash extensions, I needed help. I tried many different serums and Rapidlash from Amazon is the only one I saw a huge difference in. Within a month, I saw fuller longer lashes. Stay tuned for a before and after with my next lash lift.

Stay tuned next Wednesday for a new Facebook Live with a new Topic. Any requests?