Life and Lessons

Tips to Paleo

Through all the excitement of our last post, we have changed our lifestyle back to paleo. Between Rob and I, 2015 was full of health issues, stress, and giving into unhealthy habits. So, as a new year began, we changed our kitchen back to a paleo one. Now, because we...

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A Happy Birthday to My Love

Yesterday we celebrated Rob's 34th birthday. It was his 4th birthday with me and 3rd as a dad. This fact makes me reflect back to the past 4 years and how different we were on that first birthday together. We were new and so madly smitten with each other. I thought...

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Repeat Offender

It has been a long, cold winter and that means cold offices and homes. So to keep warm I have been gravitating to big chunky knits with my dress pants for work. But, the thing is, knits aren't very appropriate for work. So to dress it up, I have been rocking statement...

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A Big Room For A Big Boy

As each day passes, moments like the one in this picture above happen less and less often. Aubrey has started to come into his own, enjoying big boy things like helping me bake and cook while standing on a chair. He has even started carrying his dishes to the sink. I...

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The Joy of Errands Is Gone

Today I came to the very hard realization that Aubrey has hit the age where shopping is not enjoyable with him anymore. Before heading to my parents for the weekend to wish my mom farewell to Europe for the next 3 months, I had to do a bit of running around in the...

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A Father’s Love

  All Photos Taken with the Nikon 1 S2. (thank you Nikon Canada)   So this guy he's my dad and he was raised in a time and town where men worked and women stayed home. Him and his three brothers were raised learning the ropes of how to live off working their own land...

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Hello Fur…And Other News

My Look: Vest- Ebay, Jacket, Sweater, Boots- Winners, Jeans- JBrand, Socks- American Apparel, Hat- Target There is something about the crisp winter air rolling in off the water, that makes me drawn to all things fur. I drape myself as much as possible and love the...

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