The Wild Decoelis | Daycare For Socialization

We have been discussing this day for a while. With Rob and I both working from home now, it just kept getting put off. But, with a busy toddler who has a want for playing with other kids, but also super shy, we knew it was finally time to get her socialized.

There are so many studies on taking your child to daycare for socialization before school and we have seen it work with Aubrey. Poppy has been showing signs that she is ready. She gets so excited when I bring her in to pick Aubrey up from school and doesn’t want to leave. She also longs for socialization with other kids when we are out in public, but is having a hard time with allowing them to actually play with or alongside her. And, most importantly, she is obviously bored out of her mind at home with Rob and I when we are both working on separate projects for the blog, Youtube channel or Rob’s business.

We needed to find a daycare in our area. Knowing we would NOT be taking her to the one Aubrey was at in our village ( they treated both him and us horribly), we needed to figure out somewhere between here and Aubrey’s school to make drop off and pick up easier. Many were full, but we decided on the one closest to his school which has ended up being very convenient for us.

After finding where to go, we needed to decide on how often. Because we work from home, we are lucky that we have the option to have her in full or part-time. But, living on a budget, knowing it was really just for socialization, we decided to only put her in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That way, she has a rest in between the days, but Rob and I also have two days that we can hammer out the computer portions of our work or schedule meetings during.

So I guess the next question is how is she doing now that it has been 2 weeks. We are actually surprised to hear that she is doing great. The drop-off has been getting harder and harder with her now screaming as soon as we pull in to the parking lot. She also isn’t napping as well as she does at home. But, with all that said, we have been told that she is doing fantastic throughout the day, participates great, loves the food and music, and is adjusting well.

As a parent, it breaks our heart a little each time we leave her there. but, to be honest, I’m not sure what is harder for us. Is it the fact that our baby is now old enough and independent enough to go to daycare, or is it the worrying about how she is and missing her throughout the days she is gone. Either way, it is our problem to deal with and we know that keeping her in daycare for socialization from now until pre-primary is such a great decision for HER, and we need to keep our feelings out of it.

Katie-Rose &Rob