Wild Rosebuds | Gift Guide for the work-at-home mom

I have been racking my brain with what to put on my list this year. As a mom in my 30’s, I feel like I am at the point in my life where if I ‘need’ something. I probably would have gotten it already. My ‘wants’ are not necessary and actually cause guilt more than anything. My husband and I have decided to not even do a gift exchange this year because I have been so hard to shop for.

But, then I built this gift guide and realized, if i were to need anything, it would be more about making my life as a busy work-at-home mom of two run a little smoother.

Find out my top 15 gifts for the work-at-home or even stay-at-home mom in your life.

Gift Guide For The Work-At-Home Mom

  1. Glerup Slippers: spending the day in the house barefoot sounds amazing but wrecks havoc on your back. grab a great hard soled slipper with support like these gorgeous ones.
  2. Lap desk: The great thing about working from home is that you can literally set your office up in any room you’d like. With Poppy still home, having a lap desk like this is a lifesaver so that I can still work while I watch her play.
  3. Wireless Charging Port: This small accessory that you place on your desk will be a game changer on organization. Gone are the cords to charge your things. With this, you can just drop and plug away.
  4. Desk Accessories: I am all about making my workspace both practical and pretty. This cute Kate spade box set is a great gift idea for useful things everyone needs in their office that look good too.
  5. House Coat: I like to be comfortable on a busy work day. Having a house coat allows me to have those lazy days working in my pjs and still be able to answer the door for our mail.
  6. Pretty Desk Chair: With my past being an occupational Therapist assistant, I know how important proper computer posture and a good chair is for the health of your back. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty 😉
  7. Ultrasonic Diffuser:We use a ton of essential oils in our home, especially for relaxation. With the right blend of oils, this will give that mama a calm and focused mind.
  8. Desk Calendar: OMG do we have a lot of calendars in use at any given day. From our google calendar for on the go, my day planner for lists and then this large desk calendar to help visually plan out the week, have everyones schedule in one place and also add notes to one another. Plus, its so pretty 🙂
  9. Day Planner: Ok like I mentioned in the last ones, running two businesses is no joke and calendars are our best friend. The Day Designer lays out your day by hour as well as a to-do list for each day. If she likes to be that organized. This is for her.
  10. Cute Mug: Coffee keeps a mama going, no matter where her office may be. having it come in a cute or corny mug, just makes the coffee taste even sweeter, I swear!
  11. Vetiver Essential Oil: With a great smell and the ability to calm and focus the mind, diffuse this in her new diffuser and she will feel like she could take on the world.
  12. Water Bottle: Water is so important. As a busy mom I know it can be the last thing that you think about. But with a cute water bottle that can go with her, she will remember to do the first step in taking care of herself, hydrating.
  13. Apple Watch: The problem with working from home is that you don’t need to leave the house. There is no stopping to the gym on the way to or from work and lulus become comfy clothes. Getting an iWatch or fitness tracker will remind her to get up and move to reach a goal so that her body will thank her with less aches and pains.
  14. Starbucks Gift Card: Let her treat herself, even if its just a coffee out of the confines of her own home.
  15. Coffee Tumbler: Being a work from home mom allows so many thing to be scheduled in so that she can be there for the kids. A great coffee tumbler with come in handy for all those cold morning school runs or hockey games.

I’m going to give you a bonus one that will mean more to your work-at-home mama than you could ever imagine. Working from home is great but it also means that you are home all the time and when you aren’t, it usually involves the kids. The greatest gift you can give her is letting her get out of the house for a few hours a week to just be alone and able to do things by herself. you have no idea how amazing it feels to be able to walk aimlessly around chapter sipping on a HOT coffee with no kids hanging off you or running away. Its a free gift and it truly means more than any of the 15 items listed.

Happy Holidays