Wild Rosebuds: Poppy's Birth StoryWhile I was pregnant with Poppy, we kept hearing of acquaintances having their babies at 32 weeks. We even had met people throughout the pregnancy telling us stories of having their babies at 32 weeks. Needless to say, we started to panic thinking that all these peoples stories being laid in front of us meant that our sweet Poppy would join us at that time as well. Luckily for us, she held in there until I was induced at 37 weeks. You can read her birth story HERE.

My sister, having been pregnant the year prior to me, started having cramping at 20 weeks and was put on bed rest around 26 weeks as the contractions wouldn’t seem to fade. But, again Griffin held strong until she had to have a c-section due to him being breach at 38 weeks.

The scares for our family were there. Our lives would have been so much different if our babies came premature like so many babies do around the world. With the health issues that come along with a baby born early, the last thing a parent wants to worry about is their comfort. That is why Pampers has created a new Preemie Diaper size available only in Hospitals that are designed to fit newborns as little as 1 lb. They are made keep the babies comfortable and positioned correctly so that they can have the proper medical aids that they need. I feel for all you moms and dads out there that have had to deal with such a tough time in you and your little’s life together.

Pampers has made a special video to bring attention to such a trying time in parenthood just in time for World Prematurity Day on November 17th. Check out the video below, but make sure you have tissues near by because it sure does pull on your heart strings. Make sure you share the video to let others know about such an important day and to spread the knowledge.