Wild Rosebuds| The Bangs Debate: Bangs with long hairI DID IT! I got bangs. It was a spur of the moment decision last night after throwing the idea around for a few years and I knew if I didn’t book the appointment first thing, I would chicken out because I’d have too much time to think.

Why Bangs? Well, over a month ago, I had a girls night with some long time friends. After a few glasses of wine, one of them, who works in the beauty industry, said point blank that my hair was boring ( in other words I’m sure). She went on to say that I’m great at blogging and being an influencer but that my hair fell flat. I knew she was right 100%. My hair was full on mom hair. You know, the style that occurs when you don’t have time to give a damn, getting it cut only once a year and just happy that it can be thrown into a pony tail or bun in a second. I needed a change.

Wild Rosebuds| The Bangs Debate: why I got them

For the past month, I’ve been toying with different ideas. Do I go blonde? the cost for that upkeep is way out of our budget and I probably wouldn’t even have the time. So, no. Do I chop it all off into a bob of some sort? this idea was great for the first 5 seconds, but then all of the times I’ve chopped off my hair came rushing back to me at the same time. That option became a quick HELL NO. Bangs? well, I was open to it. But there was that last time just after college that I cut my own and it turned out to be horrible and I don’t know if I want to do that again so, I’ll just put a pin on it.

Wild Rosebuds| The Bangs Debate: Throwback to Katie-Rose with bangs in 2009

Circa 2009

So thats where it stood for weeks and weeks. Bangs had a pin in it in my bulletin board called my mind.

Until last night….

Rob and I had put the kids to bed and finished up working on the blog. I was relaxing with a glass of wine and was scrolling aimlessly through Instagram, catching up on all my favs, when one of my new fav accounts @newdarlings popped up in my feed. Christina and Robert are so cute and the photo made me realize that her hair was epically what I needed in my life. It was long and lucious and she kept it curly like I do. But, what set her apart was her amazing and full bangs. Her style was very Zooey Deschanel and I wanted it..RIGHT NOW!

Wild Rosebuds| The Bangs Debate: Christina of New Darlings and her husband RoberthairWild Rosebuds| The Bangs Debate: Christina of New Darlings

The rest of the night involved booking the appointment for first thing this morning and perusing through pinterest searching ‘Long hair bangs’. I started to get really excited. Today, after we finished up the cut, I headed to the mall and found it so funny that such a small change in my hair, made my confidence level in my style jump exponentially. I was gravitating towards items i have always loved but didn’t think I could pull off. This time I went for them. I even put on eyeliner with a wing a la @margoandme Jenny.

I’m excited to see what these bangs have in store for me and if you are thinking about getting them, JUST DO IT!