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If you have followed me for a while, you would probably already know that each year since we moved to Nova Scotia in 1989, we as a family head in June to Ross Farm to plant pumpkins. We then return to harvest the Pumpkins in September. I was a huge part of my childhood and I was so excited that we started it back up when I had Aubrey. Yes, times have changed and Im not even sure they actually grow the pumpkins we get now. They also used to have awesome pumpkin competitions for the larges, smaller, ugliest etc which seems to not take place anymore. All the same, its such a great tradition to hold on to for the whole family.

This year was a little different and we were spoiled. Rob was able to come with us and hadn’t for the past 2 years. Having him there meant so much not just to me for the extra set of hands, but also to the kids. He got to share the moments with Aubrey. Aubrey couldn’t wait for Daddy to see the size of his big, big pumpkin and show him the details of the colours. It means so much to have another boy around for Aubrey as he’s been stick all summer with Poppy and I.

Like usual, we also got to see the farm animals that Ross Farm raises like back in the 1800’s. The Pigs were huge and the kids loved watching them come running to the fence where the kids were waiting because they were about to get fed. The little house had freshly baked pumpkin loaf for us to snack on, and Rob and my Brother-in-law Brad were enthralled by the old way to woodwork as Brad is beginning a wood working company, making gorgeous Bowls and iPad holders.

Like always, we had the best time. Aubrey has been carrying his pumpkins around since we got home calling it his best friend and planning what he will carve into it. So, thanks Ross Farm Museum for always creating such amazing memories for us.