The Wild Decoelis | My 6 week journey with BBG | fitness for a busy mom or WAHMThirteen weeks later, I finished Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide 12 week program with 1 pre-BBG week. Now, I have done this program in the past and stuck with it with great results. This time around I didn’t miss a workout, but could not perform the cardio aspect on the off days consistently due to our Nova Scotian Winter. I didn’t use the nutrition plan, but we eat 80% Paleo and that works better for my body as many meals in the plan I cant have due to sensitivities.

Now that that is out of the way, how am I feeling now that the 12 weeks are complete? To be honest, fat, bored, and disappointed. I get that now being in my 30’s and having two kids, the weight is harder to get off but the truth is, during this program, I gained 3 lbs (was already 15lbs heavier than my happy weight) and somehow with that, I have also gone up 2 pant sizes. As a woman, I’m sure you know how that must feel. I put so much effort into each workout and even did 40 days of 100 squats a day on top of it, so to see my pants get tighter instead of looser made me feel pretty defeated. Though I will admit, I do see a difference in photos but I still do not feel like I am at my happy size and thats what matters to me.

The Wild Decoelis | Kayla Itsines BBG | Before Photos

Now I will admit that my legs are more defined and I actually have a butt that was not there before so those probably come into play. But, without the cardio aspect of the program, I feel like I bulked up and all the muscle I worked for is still hiding behind loose skin and a layer of winter fat.

When It comes to boredom, If you have done the program you know that it is pretty much the same let’s say 12 exercises that target all the muscles for the whole 12 weeks in a different sequence. The only thing that changes, is either adding weight or adding a push up into the mix of the move. Seriously, if I have to do any more jump variations again, it will be too soon.

The Wild Decoelis | Kayla Itsines BBG | before versus after side view The Wild Decoelis | Kayla Itsines BBG | before versus after front view

The program does work if you follow it strictly to a T because it has for me before. It is also great for people who love the same routine and structure. For me, it worked to get me back into scheduling fitness into my life and taking care of myself. But, if like me, you get bored easily in your workouts, it may be hard for you to even last the first half of the program. It is a great starting point, but I am ready to add variation and excitement to my workouts.

Now comes the next step in my fitness journey. I am back to loving working out and with Spring weather here, am excited to get back into running. I also am going to continue to work out 4 days a week with Tone It Up again to maintain what I have. This time, instead of fitting it in at night once the kids are asleep, I am as of tomorrow, starting to wake up 40 mins before everyone else to fit it in during the morning. I am hoping this will also help in losing the extra bit of weight I still have on me as morning fasted (before you eat) workouts are known to help speed up your metabolism for the whole day.

The Wild Decoelis | Kayla Itsines BBG | after photos

If you followed along with my post-baby fitness journey last year, you may remember seeing my results with the Tone It Up Bikini Series. It starts next week and I am actually super excited to try it again now being 2 years out of having Poppy and making sure to prioritize my own health so that I have the energy and confidence to play with my kids all Summer in any situation. Because You need to feel great in your own skin and that’s what I am determined to do.

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