The Wild Decoelis | 5 ways to cut back on using chemicals in your home | tulips2018 is a year for change with our family. We want to make sure not only are we living with purpose and happiness every day, but we also want to be more conscious of the chemicals that we bring into the home.  Let’s face it, Rob and I would move to an island down south and live off the land if we could. But, we don’t…we live in Canada, where you are cooped up in your home for a good 4 months of the year. I’d rather those 4 months involve the least amount of chemicals as possible.

In January, we slowly started implementing small changes to the products we use in our home and have become more aware of chemicals and what they can do to our kids. Throughout the year, we will continue to make changes. These will be small, but we hope that they will make a big difference in not only our family’s overall health but our moods and outlook as well.

5 Easy Ways To Go More Natural At Home

The Wild Decoelis | 5 ways to cut back on using chemicals in your home

Our Cleaning Products:

We recently discovered the brand called Mrs. Meyers. We liked the idea of it being a more natural cleaning line with great reviews, but then we fell in love with the smell of their basil line. It has now slowly replaced our soaps, both hand and dish, and our cleaning spray. The price point is higher than what you would spend on the run of the mill cleaning brands, but they last forever and you feel good using them.

Our Room sprays and plugin:

I will admit, we were all about that bath and body works room smells. But, when we caught Poppy touching one of our plugins and had a minor panic attack about the chemicals she might have on her we knew it was time to say PEACE. My sister has over the years taught a ton about essential oils and we loved both the benefits of them, as well as the smell. Now, instead of room sprays or plugins, we have essential oil diffusers around our house. We have been loving the Saje Good Karma oil blend lately, and seriously feel a difference when it is diffusing. Upstairs, we have their Aroma Fairy diffusing at bedtime to help us all sleep. This is such a huge change when you are wanting to go more natural, yet so easy to do.

Our Food:

This is one of the easiest, hardest things to do. But, we have become more mindful of where our food comes from. This starts with our meat but really shines in limiting the amount of boxed and processed food that comes in the house. On top of that, we try and buy our fruits and vegetables from the farmers market when we can, as well as grow our own. So, instead of snacking on those chips covered in fake flavor, we grab carrots and yummy homemade dip. It takes planning, but once you have made that switch in your head, it is hard to switch back. You just feel so much better.

The Wild Decoelis | 5 ways to cut back on using chemicals in your home | beauty Products

Our Deodorant:

Did you know that your armpits house one of you biggest glands in your body and one of the most susceptible to cancer? Deodorant and Antiperspirants are chalk full of chemicals that can wreak havoc on those glands, causing more issues than just the possibility of cancer. I stopped wearing deodorant altogether when I was pregnant with Poppy, letting my body detox while I searched for a more natural option. We finally found one that smells great and works by K’pure called Get Closer. It’s a must try!

Our Skin Routine:

We have been huge on trying to go as natural as possible with our skincare routine. There is an app called Think Dirty that has been helping us make decisions on what to use and we have also been researching what is the best for skin issues in the purest form. We have started using things like Rosehip oil, instead of fancy expensive face serums before bed, and coconut oil to remove my makeup before I wash. These changes are not only huge on cutting out chemicals but also easier on the bank account.

What are you doing to make changes to your home this year?

Katie-Rose &Rob