Wild Rosebuds: Poppy's Napping Schedule at 14 months oldFirst of all, Is anyone else in shock that my baby girl is already 14 months old? I seriously still can’t let it all sink in. I mean, it feels like just yesterday I was swaddling her and placing her into her bassinet. Now she’s a cup drinking, bike driving, little busy bottom.

Recently I have had a few of you writing, asking what Poppy is doing for naps at this stage. And, like always, the blog is the easiest way to respond to a question asked multiple times. This question however is a bit tricky to answer, as Poppy recently has decided to try her harder to not nap. I want to blame it on the season change, or even on the fact that we have been so go go go all Summer, that she is trying to find a new normal or not miss something happening by sleeping. Either way, this past week, we are lucky to get an hour out of her. Instead, her bedtime has been moved down to 6pm and sleeps a full 13 hour night until around 7 the following morning. But, again, This isn’t her normal and we are working on getting her schedule back.

What is normal for Poppy? Well, about a month ago, we were still trying to have Poppy down for a nap in the morning between 9-11 and a second nap in the afternoon between 3-4:30. She decided to stop sleeping during her afternoon nap just before she turned 13 months so we adjusted. We then switched the schedule to one nap a day. This meant a few changes to our household. For starters, Poppy now eats lunch 11 -11:30. I am fine with this because I usually don’t eat breakfast anyways. After lunch, she goes for a nap between 11:30 and 12pm and sleeps for a good 2 hours, sometimes 3. waking up between 2:30 and 3. She then, has a little snack and cup of milk to hold her over until she and Aubrey eat supper around 5. She heads to bed around 6:30pm. That allows me about 20 mins to have 1 on 1 time with her reading stories and good night cuddles while Aubrey plays quietly downstairs.

Poppy still sleeps the whole night without waking (unless she’s having a bad night of teething). I definitly think that is due to our sleep training as both of our kids slept that way at this age. We are very lucky for this and Trust me when I say that I do not take it for granted.

If you have any other questions like this, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Im always here to share my experiences.