Wild Rosebuds: Angelcare baby Monitor ReviewOk, it’s been a few days since I reached out to you, my readers on some advice for co-sleeping with Poppy.

Well, after talks with my husband, telling me to follow my gut, as well as great advice from all of you, it is about to happen.

Poppy is very dependant on me. When I leave her sight, she will cry. When I’m in her sight and don’t pick her up, she cries bloody murder. She needs to be in my arms 24/7. We need that cycle to break. After thinking about it for the past few days, I wondered if there is a connection to the fact that she is so used to be held for her naps and through the night, that she can’t handle being away from me awake.

We are starting small by having her in her Playpen Bassinet asleep by the bed. Next, we will slowly move the bassinet closer to the door and finally, into her own room. It will take some time, but I hope it works the way we have in our mind.
Wild Rosebuds: Angelcare baby Monitor Review Wild Rosebuds: Angelcare baby Monitor Review

Throughout the day, we have been using the Dockatot in her crib, getting her to have all of her naps in there. Being the nervous mom that I am, I, like most of you need to have a close eye on her.

You may remember that right after Poppy was born, I had done a review on a monitor. I meant every word of it but found that I missed the birds’ eye view I could get from Aubrey’s old monitor. So, after looking into different types, we found Angelcare.
Wild Rosebuds: Angelcare baby Monitor Review Wild Rosebuds: Angelcare baby Monitor Review

Because we already have the Owlet, we opted for the model without the sensory pad. The Model that we chose, AC1320, is armed with a camera that is cutely shaped like an angel, with a lens that can be positioned to exactly where you need it to be watching. The monitor has a bright colored screen and easy to use settings. You have options to turn the screen on and off, volume on and off and can even can set it to only turning on when it hears sound and senses movement.

Another few great features of the Angelcare Monitor are the auto day and night vision, a temperature sensor that alerts you if the room is too hot or too cold, as well as an awesome Parent Unit finder which will come in hand with sticky toddler fingers around. We are so happy we found something that gives us everything we needed.

I hope that having a secure and watchful eye on Poppy will make this whole sleep training thing go by easy. My heart really needs the help!