Wild Rosebuds| Road Trip Series| Thanksgiving weekend


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Oh My Gosh Guys, WE DID IT!!! Welcome to the launch of our first video out of our new Vlog series. For the most part, it will be following us on road trip adventures, exploring the east coast, but hopefully, we will be able to take it even further. To test it all our, how out phone cameras perform, how to lay it out, we decided to bring you along on a little tester video this weekend, following our little family. It wasn’t the most exciting weekend, but it is full of great moments to us that remind me a lot of all of the home videos my mother made when we were young.

Wild Rosebuds| Road Trip Series| twinning yellow dresses from Old Navy Wild Rosebuds| Road Trip Series| The Valley in nova Scotia in the fall Wild Rosebuds| Road Trip Series| Thanksgiving fashion for the family

How often will we do these? Well my dear, only time will tell. We love traveling and with only one year left before Aubrey is in school, we would like to make the most of it. This weekend we are heading up to Cape Breton sans kids to shoot a wedding and are bringing you with us. We also are in the works of planning a Newfoundland trip which looks super exciting already. But alas, the answer to that question is up to you. If these next few videos are things you enjoy, please give them a like on my Youtube channel and subscribe. That way we know we are doing things that you like and we will keep on doing it.

Where do we plan on going? what we are hoping to do is show all of you readers how beautiful it is to travel the east coast and how easy it can actually be to travel on the road with kids. We want to open your eyes that family vacations don’t always have to happen down south, but rather in your backyard and on a budget.

So without further ado, enjoy our first family vlog.