Wild Rosebuds H&M Clothing Shopping Haul

After my last post with H&M where I got rid of all of my clothing, which needed to happen, I needed to restock on some go-tos for my family and I that I haven’t bought in a while. H&M just opened on our side of the Halifax harbour and is now a quick 35 minute drive from our home. I headed in with a mission, to get my family stocked up for summer and early Fall with pieces that they love. Wild Rosebuds H&M Clothing Shopping Haul Wild Rosebuds H&M Clothing Shopping Haul

Aubrey was easy. he loves his basics and anything with stretch to it so that it is ‘comfy’. Rob is the same. He loves the Mens Basics section and I dint think he walked away from it. For me, I’m a blouse and Jeans type of girl. That way I am never over dressed or underdressed for a situation. Poppy, we went for things that can be worn now or layered later. Wild Rosebuds H&M Clothing Shopping Haul

Want to know exactly what we got? I put together my very first Clothing Shopping Haul Vlogs. The first is to show you what I picked up for the family and the second, what I pick up for myself and how I wear them together.

See something you like? Shop it on the slider below. 🙂