The Wild Decoelis | Clearly Glasses | main and central weekendIf you have followed us for a while, especially our stories, you have probably noticed that Rob and I both wear glasses. I have been wearing them since I was in elementary and have never really embraced them until having kids. Now contacts are almost an afterthought. Rob has had to get glasses over the past 2 years and even though he has a small prescription, now that he knows how much better he sees wearing them, he doesn’t take them off.The Wild Decoelis | Clearly Glasses | family beach photo The Wild Decoelis | Clearly Glasses | beach walk

But, glasses to us are also an accessory to add to an outfit. Gone are the days where you parents spend hundreds of dollars on a frame and expect you to still wear that same frame for the next 4 years. That’s why we love Clearly.

I started ordering from Clearly for my contacts right after Aubrey was born. The prices were awesome and it was so easy to have them delivered straight to your door. But, then we moved on to the glasses. We found that the customer service was excellent. They ship so fast it’s not even funny, and if you don’t like them on your face, it’s an easy return. Best of all, for those of you lucky enough to have coverage, they come with the proper receipts for you to claim.The Wild Decoelis | Clearly Glasses | walk on the beach with the family The Wild Decoelis | Clearly Glasses | sunsets

But I think why we love Clearly so much is that they are so affordable. As a young family, we preach to you about affordability vs. quality because, to be honest, kids are freaking expensive and there are more of us out there who need to live by strict budgets then not. The quality is there at a great price and it is changing the way we buy glasses.The Wild Decoelis | Clearly Glasses | main and central The Wild Decoelis | Clearly Glasses | Kam dillon

Because we love them so much. We are going to be doing a giveaway tonight on our Instagram feed for your chance to win a pair of their exclusive brand frames with lenses. So head to @thewilddecoelis to find out how. I know you all have been loving our clear frames and my pink ones. Here is your chance to own them for yourself.

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