Our family is not one to really do any of those little holidays. You don’t see me flooding the feeds with Valentine’s day ideas, or going green for St. Patty’s Day. Maybe it stems from my family being religious and celebrating the major church seen holidays like Christmas, so Easter is also a major event in our family.
Growing up, Easter was always so fun. Our mother hand-picked and made Easter baskets for us with all of our favorite things perfectly curated to what we needed and wanted. My father and “The Easter bunny” would then hide the baskets in the house somewhere. We would spend hours on Easter morning hunting for the baskets using silly clues my dad would give us that the Easter bunny had given him while we were sleeping. I’m sure it was developed as a big ploy to allow my mom to get all of the cooking done for our huge family potluck that afternoon, but it was still a major memory for us.
Besides the basket of goodies, the bunny would also leave each one of us a gift at the bottom of our bed. In it, there was usually a new pair of shoes for spring, and new spring jacket, and/or something bright to wear to the potluck. I remember being so excited for those new pieces, wanting to show them off at school.
Along with the fun goodies and the religious meaning to Easter, it also had a meaning of hope that our long winters here in Nova Scotia soon would end and we would finally see green grass and blue skies (realistically it rains all Spring here but a girl can dream). I want the season to feel the same with my kids. It’s so exciting to pass on those traditions on.
As you now know from the last post, Aubrey shouldn’t have sugar. So, when it comes to holidays that are based on the consumption of chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs, we strive to find alternatives. We always look to make candy-free Easter baskets. It can be easier than you think. Our go-tos are Chapters and Amazon for fun things. We always look for items that are creative or that the kids can learn from. Books and crafts fill our baskets, along with items that are meaningful and comforting.
Take a look at our top items above that will be in the baskets come Easter morning. If you love anything just click on the picture and it will take you right to the page to shop….pretty cool right?
What is your favorite Easter memory?
 Katie-Rose &Rob