Wild Rosebuds sharing her story on having two children battle Reflux. Gap Baby Bear Snow Suit

Aubrey was a nightmare when he was a baby. Like many babies, he was born with severe colic and would scream bloody murder if he wasn’t asleep. Especially between 7-10 at night EVERY NIGHT! I still remember the first night I was looking after him alone during those hours. We sat in the rocking chair in my childhood bedroom and I rocked him. As he screamed, I cried the hardest I may have ever cried.

It started getting better around 3 months, but then the spit up was getting worse. It got to the point that he went from 89th percentile to 55th in 3 weeks. So at 6 months, we had no choice but had to put him on Prevacid. That was until we heard that a chiropractor could help. Within a few weeks Aubrey was off the medication and was gaining weight. It was a miracle to this tired mama.

Poppy was born, and knowing what we learned, we took her straight away at 1 week old to the chiro to nip it in the butt. Our Chiro here in our hometown told us her back was perfect and that wasn’t the issue. So, we went the other route, and as I had mentioned on previous blog posts, I cut EVERYTHING out of my diet and was pretty much living off rice, roasted chicken and extremely over-cooked carrots. As a food lover, this was torture. On top of it, she still wasn’t gaining weight and spitting up.

We took her in for her 3 month needles 2 weeks ago, and the bad news came. She had fallen off her curve. If you are a parent, you will know what this means. Each child is given a curve when they are born. This is kind of like a chart that their growth should follow if the are healthy and are expected to hit all their developmental milestones. So, because she had fallen off, we had to start Zantac. We tried to give it to her for 2 weeks, but she would fight us tooth and nail to swallow it, and the little amount she did ingest made her the grumpiest baby ever. Every night as she cried in my arms for 2 hours or more, I was reminded of doing all of this with Aubrey. The problem was that Poppy wasn’t that baby. Before the medication, she was such a happy smiley baby. I wanted that baby back.

Friday, we took Poppy back to the doctors for her 2 week check in. The result; we put her on Prevacid. Its been 2 days, and she is back to her happy little self. The spitting up is still there, but it will take a bit to notice a different. And I have gone back to a mostly Paleo based diet which is seeming to help her with her gas and hopefully all the fats I ingest will help my milk go from Skim to whole ;). But, I will make sure I keep you updated. Medicine is not the way we wanted to go, but breastfeeding is so important for us. This is the only way we know at the moment to make sure she stays a healthy little happy girl.

Wish Us luck!

Was there any decisions as a mom that you needed to make that you hated?