The Wild Decoelis | Pampers Rewards App | how you can earn pointsDid you know that the average child goes through over $2500 worth of diapers before they are potty trained? Now times that by multiple kids, and it works out to a lot of money being spent.

Besides their great performance, we choose Pampers because they want to reward us, parents, back and get a little more out of all of that money. As you know, parenting is hard as it is. Multiple bum changes a day for 2 or more years and add all your other duties on top of that.The Wild Decoelis | Pampers Rewards App | getting gifts for buying diapers

Pampers has always had a rewards program in place, supplying stickers with codes on each package that will earn you anything from coupons to fun family-focused products and toys. But, when I was in Toronto last year, they let us in on the secret of making life even easier: the Pampers Rewards App #Momhack (Previous blog link here)

The Wild Decoelis | Pampers Rewards App | rewarding you back

With the Pampers Rewards app, you no longer have to go to a desktop, sign in to your account, manually enter in those long rewards codes and then fill out pages to get your rewards. Pampers realized that this was a lot for a busy mom juggling babies, work, and the home. With this easy app, you now just have to take a photo of the rewards sticker for the points to be added to your account. And, with a click of the button, you can choose your reward and it will be sent right to you.

Best of all, the Pampers Rewards app is free to join and when you sign up, you receive 100 bonus points to get you started!

The Wild Decoelis | Pampers Rewards App | Pampers diapers

Our favorite reward from the App has definitely been the Shutterfly discounts which have allowed us to get things like Christmas cards, business cards and other fun family-focused items like printed photo albums sent straight to our door for a budget-friendly rate.

What is your favorite reward?

Katie-Rose &Rob