Wild Rosebuds: sleep training update with PoppyAs many of you know, we have been sleep training Poppy for about 3 months now. And, although I was doing play-by-plays at the beginning, I’ve kind of stopped updating you all on how it is going. You may remember this post from when we started the whole process from back in January. That was just the beginning. Many of you have been wondering how we are doing now with the sleep training so I thought I would do a quick update on this snowy first day of Spring.

We have been religiously sticking to the “Cry It Out” method and it truly works. After doing our bedtime routine of bath, pjs, sleepsack, and then follow it up with Poppy and I laying in the twin bed in her room while I feed her, I lay her awake in her crib. Some nights she will still cry, some she won’t. The nights that she does, it only lasts for 5-10 mins if that, while she finds a comfortable position and then she falls fast asleep.

Wild Rosebuds: sleep training update with Poppy Wild Rosebuds: sleep training update with Poppy

Over the course of the three months, we have also been slowly cutting out the dream feeding before I head to bed. At first, this would cause me to have to feed her at 12am and 3:30am, but then became just one feed at night at 3:30am like clockwork. That led us to believe it could have just been out of habit. Similar to when we start a habit of waking up at the same time every night to pee.

A week and a half ago, Rob and I forgot to bring the monitor up to bed with us. We aren’t sure if she had woken up for a feed like usual that night (our bedroom is on the opposite side of the house) But, since then, she has cut out the night feed all together and we, for the first time in almost 4 years, have been sleeping through the night. It is pretty fantastic and made our getaway last week a bit less stressful because we knew she would be a good sleeper for my mom.

Wild Rosebuds: sleep training update with Poppy Wild Rosebuds: sleep training update with Poppy

I have only ever done CIO with my kids, but have always had fantastic luck with it. And, like anything, consistency is key. Everything takes time when it comes to kids. Aubrey, it took over a month of him screaming for 2-3 hours a night, but he has always been a pretty good sleeper since. Now that Poppy has the hang of it, I believe she also will be a great little sleeper.

One thing that really worked for us with CIO is never going in between putting them in the crib and them falling asleep. This lets them know the hard way that we mean business. Another good tip, transfer then into their own room before you begin. This allows them to not have any interruptions in their sleep (getting up to pee, snoring, etc.) and not be reminded that you are around, and that they aren’t near you.

Im always here if you have questions or just want to talk about how your own sleep training battle is going.