Wild Rosebuds: A History of strong women Raising Strong women

I have been raised by a long line of strong women.

My grandmother was from Sheffield in England. Sheffield is known for their Steel mine. Women from there are known for their strength and brute. In my grandmother’s lifetime, when the second world war was happening, the men had to leave and fight for their country. The women went and worked in the mines and steel factories so that life could move forward. This metal was also essential for the war. They later named these women The Women of Steel.

This was what my grandmother grew up around. Women were put in a tight situation and instead of giving up or sitting back because it was a ‘man’s job’, they jumped in without complaints. This strength ran through her veins. she was never shy to voice her opinions, help when it was needed, or shy away from anything. She raised 3 children while my grandfather was stationed around the world with the forces, by herself for weeks if not months at a time.
Wild Rosebuds: A History of strong women Raising Strong women Wild Rosebuds: A History of strong women Raising Strong women

My mother inherited this strength and blood, along with the caring nature and hilarious British humor of my grandfather. This makes her a force to be reckoned with. She has the balls to do anything she puts her mind to, the patience to raise 3 fiery daughters but with the poise to make the world fall in love with her wherever she goes. Marrying a man as shy as my father, she has always been the head of the family, the voice of our Corkum clan. She worked when she needed to, but chased her passions when she didn’t. She to me is the ideal woman. She raised us with the steel blood of my grandmother, the sense of humor about life as my grandfather, and the dedication, loyalty, and work ethic of my father.

In return she has raised a nurse who cares for other women, making them feel better when they are at their worst. She has raised a Yogi and holistic nutritionist, dedicated to making women feel their healthiest. And she has raised me, a work from home mom balancing 3 of my own businesses being all #bossbabe. One of which is this blog making you women know you are never alone.

We were all known in our town, for one sister or the other. We raised our voices when they needed to be heard, we stood up for each other, our friends and anyone else who needed it. And we followed our heart, no matter what people said or who tried to stop us. My mother made us that way. Our husbands love us because we are that way.

Now that we are all raising our own littles, I want them to have the values that we were raised to have. The need to know that the Women of Steel run deep inside of them and that there is NO SUCH THING as a man’s job, just as our sons know that there is no such thing as a women’s job. I want to raise Poppy with a voice. I want her to fight for everything she believes in, to know that life is hard and when she hits a wall, roll up her sleeves and climb over it or dig right through it. I want her to know that men and women are equal and that, like mommy and daddy, pants can be shared in a relationship. She needs to know that just because she is pretty, doesn’t mean she can’t show people that she has a brain and a mind of her own, thought to stand up for, a voice to be heard.

I want her to be raised to be like my mother.

Thank you Mom, for raising us with so much love and strength.