Wild Rosebuds: My Fitness journey at 10 months Postpartum  and what my body looks likeAs you all know, my journey to self love after Poppy has been one full of ups and downs. Having Aubrey so young and being so fit before and during the pregnancy allowed me to bounce back with little. I remember posting all over social media how its so easy to bounce back after baby as long as you put in the work. Well, I apologize for that because it isn’t always easy and finding the time with kids around makes it really hard to say the least. Its a journey, and that journey will be different for each mama out there. What is important, is to do it for your self love and confidence, not for anyone else.

After my post about my stomach issues, I had gone through some treatments. We still don’t know what happened, but as soon as I had gone on the antibiotics, I gained 10 pounds in a week. As I’m sure you all know, that will wreak havoc on a woman mind. So, I started taking my fitness more seriously. On top of training to run the 10km in the Bluenose Marathon(I’m just over 2 weeks out) I started 4 weeks ago this Saturday with Tone It Up’s Bikini body series (NOT SPONSORED). I had discovered these girls when I had Aubrey. He was napping when our gym’s daycare hours were so I needed a plan for home. Now with life being so busy, I realized I needed to find something for home again that I could do on MY schedule. It just feels good to move your body and lift weights. And, although the scale is still reading the same weight as 6 weeks postpartum, I feel so much better in my skin. I have more energy and drive to throw into everything that I am doing.

Wild Rosebuds: My Fitness journey at 10 months Postpartum and what my body looks like

To me, its about doing something for myself. With each run and workout, I feel like myself again. The self that gets pushed far down deep inside of you when you have kids. The self that wants to go adventure with your husband again and goof off like before you had the responsibility of kids. The self that loves being outside doing active things as a family instead of being lazy on the couch. The self that wants to fuel her body with the best as well as your family’s. I missed her and am so happy that she is slowly blending herself into the mother role I play 24/7.

Below I have posted a few photos to show you that You need to focus on how you feel. I know many people have been posting about throwing out the scale so I guess I am going to join them. I have always been that girl who weighs herself each morning, a slave to the scale. Well, now seeing the proof straight up that it doesn’t measure the way I feel, or even look for that matter, I want to share it with you. you all know I have been super honest with you on this journey posting photos of a real post baby body that many would never even think about posting.

So here it is. The first set of photos, you have seen before. These are from the start of my fitness journey at 6 weeks postpartum weighing 137 lbs. This was the most I have ever weighed not being pregnant and was more than I weighed leaving the hospital with Aubrey.

The second set was taken this morning, 10 months postpartum. I weigh 137 lbs. But, as you can see, my body is totally different. Without these photos, my mind would probably still think that I look like the first set. Thats why, to me, a progress journal of photos is so important to show you that your work is paying off and your confidence is real.

Wild Rosebud On her battle with Body dysmorphia and how she looks 6 months post partum

Wild Rosebud On her battle with Body dysmorphia and how she looks 10 months post partum

No matter where you are on your self love journey, do what is right for you and your family. Mom guilt is to horrible to let in when it comes to your fitness. When you are ready, you will find the time. I promise.