Wild Rosebuds in Downtown Toronto wearing Floral Zara Skirt and White Sweater from Forever 21


Zara Skirt (Similar), Forever 21 Sweater, Musse&Cloud Boots c/o (similar), Everly Ring

For the past 4 and a half years of blogging, I have heard of these conferences you can go to. Of course they are all in big cities far away from my ocean side village, but never the less, they are something I looked into every year. From meeting brands to hearing bloggers you look up to speak, they are totally worth the trip, but we just could not even think about affording it. This past summer, as you know, Rob took on a second job. He did this to help with purchasing equiptment for his photography business, but also to help get me to a conference FINALLY.

Wild Rosebuds in a floral skirt and white sweater with Keisha of Loving littles blog Wild Rosebuds Downtown toronto with Keisha of Loving Littles Blog for BlogPodium

My childhood best friend Keisha of Loving Littles Blog was really wanting to do BlogPodium, so knowing that she was going to be there, made me put wheels in motion to get there myself. We decided as a family for me to make it a worthwhile trip. Being from Nova Scotia, we aren’t able to meet face to face with the people we work with. Toronto has everyone. So I booked my trip with two extra days before the conference to be able to meet with Brands and PR Agencies face to face so that they can not only see who I am in person, but plan out some exciting things for the rest of 2017.

Those days were packed full. From H&M to Etsy, Canadian Tire to Samsung, so much excitement came from those two days. It was physically draining and I didn’t want to speak anymore by the end of each day, but it made me so confident in what I am doing as a creator. As you all know, I’m all about brand loyalty and take pride in who I collaborate with and share information about to all of you. It was refreshing in this day and age where people buy likes and followers to know that I am doing ok just as I am, growing organically.

Wild Rosebuds| Keisha of Loving Littles Blog and Codi of Creative Wife and Joyful Worker in Toronto for Blog Podium

Saturday was the Day for BlogPodium and it started with some drama, Keisha and Codi of Creative Wife and Joyful Worker missed our train, ending up having to take an expensive cab in. Then we all got so interested in talks we were watching that we each missed our appointments to talk to brands about possible future work together. But, by the time Shea of Studio McGee took the stage, the day had been made. With the help of her husband, she took a little business she started as a new mom from her home with no schooling, into 2 multi-million dollar businesses in 3 years. How? through the power of social media. And, although we cover totally different things she inspired me to let Rob make career plans and changes, inspired me to bring more info to you and to make sure I always stay true to myself.

Its funny because, in one brand meeting, they called me the Jillian Harris of the East coast, because I go on instastories, no make up on, hair in a mess, and talk about real life with my kids screaming in the background. It was such an honour to be recognized for showing myself so vulnerable and real. But thats who I have always been. My feed may be curated and gorgeous, but my insastories show you real life in real time and I hope you all enjoy and respect that. It isn’t stopping anytime soon, and this little corner of the web is about to get more exciting! 😉