The Wild Decoelis | going makeupless because of Bend BeautyRecently, I have had a whirlwind of issues with my skin. As I age and stress becomes more and more apart of life with children, bills, and responsibility, I find my skin is where I notice it first. Blame it on years and years of slaving for that tanning bed glow, and never washing my make up off, it has all taken its toll.

A few weeks ago, I was given some makeup samples from a PR company to test out and share with you if I loved them. I was super excited as it was an all natural line and we are really trying to crack down on the chemicals we use with our family. Unfortunately, with my sensitive skin, a reaction happened with one of the ingredients, and I ended up getting chemical burns all over my already suffering dry face. It wasn’t healing. a week had passed and the burn wasn’t as red but was still there. I couldn’t wear makeup as it would sting in the cracks of the burned and dry skin.

The Wild Decoelis | going makeupless because of Bend Beauty | chemical burns from Makeup

The Wild Decoelis | going makeupless because of Bend Beauty | chemical burns after 1 week

My Skin 1 Week After Reaction Started

I was complaining to my sister, a holistic nutritionist, about how nothing was working and my mom brain clicked in. I had finished a bottle of my Bend Anti-aging Formula 3 weeks prior to the incident,  and for some unknown reason, I didn’t open a new bottle, even though I had one. Life gets busy and it just was put to the side and because it wasn’t there at the ready for me I forgot about it.

That day, I started to take my regular dose again but upped it for the first few days. Within no word of a lie, 2 days, my skin was almost back to normal with just a bit of dry skin where the burns were the worst. It was like my skin needed that boost from the inside out.

If you haven’t heard me talk about Bend Beauty before, It is basically a fish oil supplement specifically designed to help your skin from the inside out fight aging and free radicals, boost moisture, helps the healing process, as well protect you from the sun. In fact, that’s one of my favorite parts about it. After taking it for 60 days, it actually reduces your risk of sunburn by 84%. So, although I always wear a foundation with SPF, I don’t have to worry about adding that extra layer of sunscreen underneath. I talk a lot more in depth about it in this blog post.

But this post is about healing. I had never had to use it for that reason before so obviously didn’t have any experience of the healing effect that it has. I am so in awe of it now and even Rob has started to take it with me.

This is not a sponsored post. I am not being paid to write these things about this product, though I am an Ambassador for them allowing me to gain the product for free. I have taken bend for almost 6 years now since it first came out and its one of those pills that you take but may never actually see the benefits…until you do. And once you do, you too will want to chat about it with everyone.

Katie-Rose &Rob